Hello there – this is me!

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Looks like I’m auditioning for Law & Order, doesn’t it?

Little Known Facts About Me

1. I’ve ridden my bike 500 kilometres around Cambodia

2. I used to interview movie stars for a living but now I know how to be midwife to a cow

3. I don’t like pickled beetroot. Not at all.

4. I love toasted marshmallows.

5. Strictly Ballroom is my desert island film of choice.

6. Skillz in hip hop dancing is one of my dreams.

7. Skillz in being cool is also a dream.

8.  If you enjoy my books, you might like my alter ego’s. I also write as Daisy Tate. Click here to take a look.

Here are a few of my favourite things:


Dogs (big ones)

Hot Tamales

Licking the spoon when I make meringues (which is never ever often enough)

My mum’s strawberry pie (giddy making)

books, books, books, books, books (you get the drift)

Author readings at bookstores (or vast concert halls in the case of Marian Keyes, amongst others)

Movies (all except scary)

Strictly Ballroom is the film I watched whilst getting gussied up for my wedding

Watching YouTube videos that make your heart swell with joy at how GREAT people are

Beautiful sounds

Clean beds (ooooo – I love me a well made bed!)

My goddaughter’s drawing of a bunny riding a unicorn (it’s a classic)

Sitting at a cafe and making up stories about everyone else

Finishing a run even though I will never, in my wildest dreams be what is deemed a ‘pretty’ runner

Fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies